Who will represent me?

We have divided Denmark into seven electoral districts to ensure geographical diversification among the members of the Committee of Representatives. You are entitled to vote when the election takes place in your electoral district.


The Committee of Representatives is the ultimate authority of Forenet Kredit. Its duties include election of the members of the Board of Directors of Forenet Kredit, which sets out the active ownership strategy and supports the Group in its endeavours to carry on financially sustainable business for the benefit of the customers.

Candidates for future elections

Would you like to stand as candidate at future elections?

As a member of Forenet Kredit, you can stand as candidate at elections to the Committee of Representatives in your district. If you are not already a member, you will become a member as soon as we receive your candidate statement via the website. Please take note of the deadlines.

You are eligible in the area where you live or in the voting district in which you own property mortgaged through Nykredit Realkredit A/S or Totalkredit A/S. If you are a member through your relationship with Nykredit Bank, you are eligible in your voting district of residence.

As for businesses, a member of management is entitled to represent the business and stand as candidate in the voting district in which the business has its registered address or in the voting district in which the business owns a property mortgaged through Nykredit Realkredit A/S or Totalkredit A/S.

If you wish to be a candidate for the bondholder election, you must hold Nykredit or Totalkredit bonds worth at least DKK 50,000. See the eligible bonds in Articles 4 and 24 of our Articles of Association.

You will need to find 25 supporters of your candidature

A minimum of 25 persons must propose your candidature. A supporter is a person with a right to vote for the candidates representing the electoral group that you wish to stand for and who proposes you as candidate. If, for example, you wish to stand as candidate for the Personal Customers electoral group, your supporters must be entitled to vote for a candidate in that particular electoral group. They will become members of Forenet Kredit once we have received their signed supporter forms. A supporter form is a form that you must ask your supporters to sign.